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Cosmos Décor is listed amongst renowned carpentry contractors in Singapore. We offer personalised solutions for design and space limitations in Singapore. We specialise in customised carpentry fitting and are committed to offering the finest craftsmanship for residential and commercial properties at an affordable and reasonable value. Our objective is to ensure client satisfaction and provide the most value for their expenditures on our services. 

Our carpentry services in Singapore are dependable and tailored to align with your personalized fittings and woodworking needs for residences, workplaces, retail spaces, and commercial establishments. With a team of skilled carpenters, we consistently achieve successful execution of carpentry projects. Our carpenters excel in providing exceptional quality across a diverse spectrum of woodworking projects, meeting the specifications set by clients.

Our Services

As an accredited carpentry contractor in Singapore, we conduct business with a sense of accomplishment within the dynamic industry for an extensive duration. Our operations encompass a range of carpentry services, including: 

​1. Comprehensive Carpentry and Furniture Solutions

Renowned in the field of carpentry services in Singapore, we offer a comprehensive array of carpentry and furniture solutions tailored to both residential and commercial settings. Our diverse scope of carpentry services encompasses a wide spectrum of wooden creations, spanning homes, offices, shops, and various commercial spaces. With a team of skilled carpenters, we consistently deliver quality carpentry services. Our carpenters possess a proficiency in conceptualizing exquisite designs and layouts for wooden structures in both residential and commercial contexts. Moreover, they exhibit a mastery in crafting wood materials into contemporary styles and designs, ensuring a visually captivating appeal for both interior and exterior spaces.

In addition to our carpentry prowess, we present innovative furniture solutions that encompass an array of services such as furniture repair, installation, construction, restoration, and more. Our carpenters are adept at handling an extensive array of bespoke furniture projects, ranging from chairs, sofas, and kitchen cabinets to stools, desks, tables, workstations, hallways, and office cabins. Our commitment lies in infusing every furniture piece with unparalleled precision, finish, and quality. Guided by the latest trends, designs, and styles, we tailor our furniture works to harmonize flawlessly with clients' specific custom preferences.

2. Extensive Array of Materials

In our crafting and design processes, we use quality wood materials to fashion a diverse collection of furniture items, including tables, chairs, sofas, display cabinets, wardrobes, and more. Our carpenters meticulously select superior wood materials, such as laminate, vinyl, oak, maple, pine, plywood, lumber, teak, cedar, and others, spanning the entirety of our carpentry services. There is no compromise when it comes to the quality, finish, and durability of the wood materials employed in crafting furniture for our clients. We prioritize the longevity and stability of these materials, ensuring a lasting appeal for the furniture we create.

When it comes to carpentry services for kitchens and bathrooms, we opt for high-calibre water-resistant wood materials, which include laminate, vinyl, maple, cedar, oak, walnut, and more. Our procurement of wood materials is sourced exclusively from renowned industry brands and manufacturers, further assuring the creation of enduring furniture pieces for our valued clientele.

3. Well Trained and Experienced Carpenters 

As a reputable carpentry contractor in Singapore, we have a team of skilled carpenters. Their expertise covers a diverse range of carpentry services, including rough carpentry, cabinet carpentry, roofing carpentry, trim carpentry, framing, and beyond. Our carpenters hold certifications and possess substantial familiarity with prevailing carpentry practices, designs, layouts, and sought-after wooden structures applicable to homes, offices, shops, and other commercial spaces. Their capabilities extend to crafting imaginative designs, forms, layouts, and intricate woodwork, culminating in visually captivating outcomes for kitchen cabinets, bedroom furnishings, bathroom installations, office setups, and more.

Moreover, we specialize in direct carpentry services in Singapore, eliminating intermediaries from the process. This approach empowers clients to directly engage with us for an array of requirements, whether for residential or commercial properties. We provide tailored solutions that match custom specifications, offered at competitive rates.

4. Bespoke Designs Tailored to Client Preferences

We offer personalized carpentry services that are aligned with the unique demands of both residential and commercial properties. Our carpenters are adept at creating imaginative designs and styles for wooden furniture items such as chairs, sofas, cabinets, stools, bar tables, wardrobes, and even bespoke creations, either following client-provided layouts or utilizing the latest design trends. These artisans utilize high-quality materials to construct captivating wooden furniture designs, ensuring a flawless finish that exudes beauty.

Our carpenters excel in devising captivating designs for a range of wooden elements, including doors, kitchen cabinets, bedroom furnishings, bathroom installations, office cabins, cabinets, partitions, reception tables, and more. Additionally, they are equipped to offer wooden construction services for homes, villas, apartments, and various commercial properties, meticulously adhering to client-specified designs. Consequently, you can confidently rely on our carpenters to deliver innovative and entirely custom-designed carpentry solutions, all at competitive rates. 

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Our Products 

With years of experience in the carpentry industry, we specialise in delivering the best-in-class carpentry services in Singapore for residential and commercial properties. Our carpenters have skills for developing and designing a wide variety of wooden products as follows:

Drawing from extensive years of experience within the carpentry sector, we excel in providing quality carpentry services in Singapore. Our team of carpenters possesses profound expertise in crafting and designing an expansive array of wooden products, including:

  • Shoes cabinet 

  • Settee bench

  • Full-height / half-height storage cabinet 

  • Altar cabinet 

  • Fish tank cabinet 

  • Display Shelves

  • Feature wall 

  • TV console

  • Kitchen cabinet

  • Top hung cabinet

  • Island table

  • Bar counter 

  • Vanity cabinet 

  • Single / Double Bed frame 

  • Sliding / Swing door wardrobe 

  • Walk in Wardrobe 

  • Study desk 

  • Flip up / down table 

  • Vanity cabinet

  • Laminated wall / ceiling cladding 

  • Platform with / without storage 

Plan to make customised furniture? 
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Blocks of Wood

You can contact us for any sort of wooden works and custom carpentry service in Singapore, as we deliver superior quality wooden craftsmanship works at affordable prices. Also, you may consider the following reasons for choosing us. 

1. Quality Craftmanship 
With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing furniture and carpentry works, we assured the quality and efficiency of our workmanship to furnish your finest carpentry requirement. Hence, our reputation for carpentry services in Singapore stems from our ability to provide clients with favourable results.   

2. Competitive Rates
We construct quality customized carpentry at a reasonable cost, enabled by our direct engagement with a carpentry workshop, eliminating intermediary charges.

3. Premium Resources
We ensure competitive materials and products sourced from our trusted and established suppliers.

4. In-House Craftsmanship 
As a comprehensive carpentry contractor in Singapore, we boast an in-house workshop equipped with advanced technology and machinery. Every component is crafted within our facility by our experienced artisans.

5. Tailored Furniture
Our offerings encompass meticulously tailored solutions featuring unique designs and layouts that perfectly align with both functionals and aesthetic requirements.

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