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Your Personalized Furniture Solution

Cosmos Decor offer personalize solutions for design and space limitations in Singapore. We are specialize in customized carpentry fitting and committed to offer the finest craftmanship for residential and commercial properties at a affordable and reasonable value.

Our Services

Carpentry in Singapore

  • Full range of carpentry and furniture works

  • Wide range of innovative and quality materials

  • Well trained and experienced carpenters

  • Customized design to suite client's specific requirements  

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Blocks of Wood
Wooden Pieces

Our Products 

  • Shoes cabinet 

  • Settee bench 

  • Full height / half height storage cabinet 

  • Altar cabinet 

  • Fish tank cabinet 

  • Display shelves 

  • Feature wall 

  • TV console 

  • Kitchen cabinet 

  • Top hung cabinet 

  • Island table 

  • Bar counter 

  • Vanity cabinet 

  • Single / Double Bed frame 

  • Sliding / Swing door wardrobe 

  • Walk in Wardrobe 

  • Study desk 

  • Flip up / down table 

  • Vanity cabinet 

  • Laminated wall / ceiling cladding 

  • Platform with / without storage 

​Plan to make a customize furniture ? 

Contact us and we build your ideas ! 

Why Choose Us?

1. Quality Craftmanship
   With over 20 years experience in manufacture
   furniture and carpentry works , we assured the
   quality and efficiency of our workmanship to 
   furnish your finest carpentry requirement. 

2. Reasonable Price 
    We build quality custom carpentry at a reasonable
    rate as you engaged a direct carpentry workshop
    and bypass any middle man fees.

3. Premium Materials 
    We ensure to provide the competitive materials
    and products from our chosen reputable suppliers.

4. In-House Workshop 
    Equipped with the latest intelligent and technology
    machinery, everything is proudly fabricated in our
    in-house carpentry workshop by our well trained
    and experienced craftsmen.

5. Bespoke Furniture 
    We offer highly customized solutions with original
    designs and layout that is both functional and
    aesthetic to your specific needs.

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