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Our Design Philosophy

Cosmos Decor offer a affordable price to personalise solutions for design and space limitations in Singapore. Our innovative makes it easy for anyone to design and create their own furniture. We are making furniture that are more than just aesthetic, but practicality, durable, and affordable for everyone based on each client's personal style. 

What we offer?

  • Modify our standard furniture models, and customised to your desired measurements. Or you can modify our standard furniture and change any desired materials and colours you prefer. 

  • Subject your desired carpentry/ furniture models to us - your drawings, 3D drawings or relevant images/ pictures; we will work hand in hand with you to create furniture and fittings tailored precisely to your requirements.

The processing time around 1-4 weeks depend on the furniture model.

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Our Services

  • Full Range of carpentry and furniture work

  • Customized design 

Types of Customised Furniture

  • Hall Way Furniture

  • Living Room Furniture

  • Bedroom Furniture

  • Kitchen Furniture

  • Bathroom Furniture

  • Workplace Furniture

  • Office Furniture

  • Retail Furniture

  • F&B Furniture

  • Customise carpentry work

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 20 years experience in manufacture furniture and carpentry work.

  • To further increase productivity whilst keeping the price competitive, Comos Decor are the leading carpentry factory in Singapore and Malaysia, ensuring the highest quality at the most affordable price.

  • Invested in latest intelligent & technology machines

  • Wide range of innovation & quality materials

  • Well trained and experience carpenter technician

Carpentry in Singapore
Image by Alexander Schimmeck
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