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Handle or Finger Pull

Planning for renovation? Finally summarized the carpentry works and finishes, now it’s time to decide which is better: Handle or Finger Pulls? These seemingly minuscule pieces of hardware can make all the difference in the functionality and look of your space. Nonetheless, if you're caught up in the topic of handles vs. finger pulls, here are some considerations to remember.

interior design finger pulls

First of all, set your interior design theme as different design styles can affect your decision. For example, Victorian theme design tend to have knobs or handles on the cabinets to bring a fresh, contemporary feel to the space. While contemporary cabinet designs tend to use exclusively finger pulls on doors and drawers, to gives a consistent look and making the space more functional and practical.

Secondly, consider the placement of the cabinets. Handle helps to open top cabinets easier. While finger pulls offer easier opening for bottom cabinets.

Remember to take the weight of content into account too. Handles works better to pull out a drawer with heavy items compared to finger pulls. While finger pulls are commonly applied to light weight study table or wardrobe drawers.

So now you know which types of handles goes well with your design theme. If you have any doubt on this issue, feel free to contact us now. Our experienced craftsmen will help to determine the right cabinet hardware based on your style and functionality needs.

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