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Laminate Vs Veneer

Shall I go for veneer or laminate for my carpentry fabrication ? We often get confused while choosing the finishing for our home furniture. What are the differences between these 2 materials and which finishing suites your furniture better?

laminate wooden furniture

Find out in the description below , we will see the differences between veneers and laminates, two of the most commonly used materials nowadays for decorating plywood or other wooden furniture.


1. Material

Laminate are artificial material , pressing together layers of flat color printed paper and plastic resins to become a thin sheet.

Veneer are a thin slice of wood obtained from a tree log also known as wood veneer since they are slicing of wood.


2. Aesthetic

Laminate looks more artificial but have more designs and texture.

While Veneer looks Higher end as it is natural wood grain but limited designs.


3. Maintenance

Laminate are easy maintenance, just clean using slightly dampened cloth.

Veneer need high maintenance, require polishing or cleaning with wood oils and protectant seals.


4. Durability

Laminate tend to provide greater protection against scratching, chipping, and other blemishes.

Veneer require maintenance and care since they are prone to scratches and water mark.


5. Cost

Laminate are pocket friendly material compare to veneer which priced higher.


6. Replacement

Laminate are replaceable as similar-looking sheets can be manufacture if needed.

While veneer are exclusive, once the sheet is damaged, similar replacement is never available due to the different batch of production.


In short , the response to which finishing is better depends on our needs and budget. Select between durability and quality vs natural beauty & variations. Consider which of these benefits are more important for while making your decision.

Ready for your renovation planning ? Wondering what your next step should be? Contact us for free quotation and consultation now !

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