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Mirror Ideas for Renovation Works

Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me who are the best OOTD among all !

Mirror are very important to give your outlook a last check before leaving the house. Nevertheless, mirror is also great to create the illusion of larger space. Your home can appear double its size if used correctly. Yet, bear in mind not to place it near cluttered furniture to avoid the illusion of a messy household. Find out more mirror ideas below.

clear mirror

1. The first idea is to install clear mirror on the plain wall. This method is commonly used to expand the visual space of your living space due to their reflective surfaces. Floor to ceiling mirrors appear to draw the eyes upward so that they feel more spacious.


2. Other than plain wall, clear mirror also can be cladded on cabinet or wardrobe door. It allows you to check your outlook and at the same time, the reflective surfaces of full-length mirror door could create a visually spacious room.


3. I believe most of us love cabinets with double duty, and a mirrored integrated cabinet does just that. The mirror installed as backing of the open display niches can create the vibes of penetration, can also be part of a geometric play as well!